What is Backspacing?

What is Backspacing?

An important part of shopping for wheels is knowing your backspacing measurement. This is the space between your wheel's mounting surface and the wheel's inner lip. Vehicle manufacturers have a minimum backspacing requirement so that, when mounted, the wheel does not interfere with brake and suspension components.

Find Your Backspacing Measurement

To get your current backspacing measurement, measure from the wheel mount surface to the inner lip of the wheel. If you are buying a set of aftermarket wheels but keeping your suspension the same, this measurement should match or be less than factory backspacing. For example, if the stock backspacing measurement is 5 inches, a new wheel can be 5 inches or less, but it cannot go over 5 inches.   

Backspacing with Suspension Upgrades

If you have a lift kit, or are installing a lift kit with your new wheels, you will need to check with the suspension manufacturer to get the correct backspacing requirements, as it will likely differ from the stock measurement.  

RealTruck Makes Wheel Shopping Easy!

When shopping for wheels on RealTruck.com, you'll first want to select your vehicle so that available wheels for your specific make and model will show. Once you find a wheel you like, backspacing measurements will appear under the cost on the product page. If you have questions, give our product experts a call at 877-216-5446. We're here to help!

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How to Measure Your Wheel Backspacing

If you have questions about backspacing, give us a call at 877-216-5446. Our wheel experts will talk with you to determine your wheel spacing measurement and help you find a set of wheels you'll love.