Top 10 Off-Road Parks in the United States

Updated on Nov 9, 2023

Across the United States, several renowned off-road parks grace the nation’s widely diverse landscape. From towering dunes to lax mountainous trails and technical canyons, nearly every terrain type is out there, awaiting the arrival of you and your 4x4.

With so much variety, choosing your next off-road destination can take loads of research; to ease your selection, our experts at RealTruck have compiled a list of our top 10 off-road parks in the United States! Read on as we cover the terrain types, difficulty, and enticing features of each park, in hopes that at least one location ends up as your next wheeling destination!

Moab, Utah

We couldn’t kick off the list with anywhere but Moab, Utah–the absolute mecca for dedicated off-road enthusiasts. Packed with numerous trails weaving through the desert’s sprawling red rock canyons, Moab is the ideal destination for Jeeps and other mid-sized wheelers. 

No matter the caliber of your build, Moab features a wide variety of trails ranging from entry-level to highly technical; some of our favorite trails in the area include:

  • Hell’s Revenge: A complex and technical trail spanning 14 miles, offering beautiful scenery, adrenaline-inducing ledges, and various renowned obstacles like Hell’s Gate, Mickey’s Hot Tub, and the Escalator (all optional, FYI.)

  • Shafer Trail: While featuring some of Moab’s milder terrain, Shafer Trail isn’t for the faint of heart. This 18-mile trail is loaded with jaw-dropping cliff-side roads and breathtaking views for an unforgettable experience.

  • Poison Spider Mesa: Another challenging trail spanning 36 miles through some of Moab’s most eye-catching landscapes. Featuring views of the Colorado River, Moab Valley, and the La Sal Mountains, Poison Spider Mesa features everything from flat sandy sections to intensive waterfall climbs.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes ORV Park, Mears Michigan

Silver Lake State Park, located in Oceana County, Michigan is a sprawling 2,000-acre state park along the shores of Lake Michigan. Within the state park resides Hart’s Silver Lake Sand Dunes ORV Park, a 450 square-mile scramble area for wheelers, buggies, motos, UTVs, and ATVs. 

Whether you’re renting from one of the numerous businesses in town or bringing your own rig, Silver Lake Sand Dunes is the Great Lakes’ premier dune destination.

Hardrock Off-Road Park, Ocala Florida

For everything from moderate rock crawling sections to rutted trails, hill climbs, and descents, Hardrock Off-Road Park in Ocala, Florida has you covered. This 100-acre off-road park was originally designed as a bike park; however, recent years have seen a shift to wheeling with the introduction of numerous off-road obstacles. 

With a variety of trails in differing difficulties and intensities, Hardrock Off-Road Park has a little something for every wheeler, from heavily-modified Jeeps to nearly bone-stock Land Cruisers. And if you’re traveling from a distance, Hardrock features on-site camping.

Death Valley National Park, California

Boasting the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth, as well as the lowest point in Northern America, California’s Death Valley–located in the Mojave Desert’s Great Basin, near the Nevada border–isn’t just known for its ruthless and virtually inhospitable landscape, but also its four-wheel trails. 

Harboring miles of technical and isolated back country roads, Death Valley is a destination for experienced off-road enthusiasts. Whether heavily modified or relatively stock, Death Valley National Park has something for every wheeler, from mild dirt roads to deep sand and technical rock sections. Some of our favorite trails in the area include: 

  • Echo Pass and Inyo Mine Loop: A challenging 7.3-mile trail featuring various terrain types and technical obstacles.  

  • Echo Canyon to Overlook: A moderately difficult route spanning 6.1 miles.

  • Big Four Mines Road: This relatively easy and flat 15.9-mile road is an enticing path for beginners into motorsports, accessible by most stock 4x4 applications with moderate ground clearance.

Calico, California

Home to California’s largest silver boom, Calico Ghost Town is a now-abandoned ex-mining town located approximately 15 miles North of Barstow, California. Featuring several surrounding trails–including the challenging Doran and Odessa Canyons–Calico, California offers exhilarating wheeling and a virtually-untouched glimpse into the past.

San Gabriel Canyon OHV, Azusa California

Located approximately 11 miles north of Azusa, California along Highway 39, the San Gabriel Canyon OHV area is a popular destination for off-road enthusiasts. Operated by the California Forest Service, San Gabriel Canyon OHV park is equipped with a staging area, on-site restrooms, and a full obstacle course. 

The park is primarily a large play area, located in San Gabriel Canyon’s dry river bed. Featuring deep mud, dirt crawling sections, water crossings, and more, the OHV park is an excellent destination for beginning wheelers and family trips.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Marble Falls Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and Hidden Falls Adventure Park is no exception. Covering over 2,000 acres of land, Hidden Fall Adventure Park is loaded with trails of varying difficulties, providing an exciting adventure for every enthusiast, from beginners to avid offroaders.

Hollister Hills SVRA, Hollister California

Located in the sprawling Gabilan Mountains approximately an hour South of San Jose, Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreational Area is the state’s first SVRA. Spanning approximately 6800 acres, including 200 miles of trails, Hollister Hills SVRA is one of Northern California's top OHV parks. 

Rolling hills, deep canyons, and seasonal creeks make for exciting and ever-changing terrain, while elevation shifts from 660–2,425 feet present plenty of opportunities for hill climbs and descents. And in your downtime from wheeling, miles of hiking and mountain bike trails await!

Johnson Valley OHV Park, Johnson Valley California

Birthplace of King of the Hammers, known as the world’s toughest one-day off-road race, Johnson Valley, California is another mecca for Jeeps and other off-highway vehicles. With a sprawling OHV park covering 96,000 acres, Johnson Valley is one of the largest off-highway vehicle parks. Featuring steep red rocky mountains, rolling hills, open valleys, dry lake beds, and sandy washes, Johnson Valley has terrain for every off-roader, whether novice or highly experienced.

Rubicon Trail, South Lake Tahoe California

This bucket-list Jeep trail located along Lake Tahoe’s Southern shore is nothing short of illustrious, on par with Moab, Utah. Featuring breathtaking views and a variety of challenging obstacles–including rocks, big rocks, and even bigger rocks–the Rubicon Trail has long been a destination for Jeepers; completing the trail isn’t just a right of passage, but a borderline spiritual experience! Mopar even went so far as naming its highest-spec Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators after the trail.

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