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Quick and Easy Upgrades: Keep it Clean

A hard-working truck is bound to get dirty, but it doesn't have to stay that way, nor does that dirt and mud have to get all over your floorboards and wheel wells. These accessories work to keep your truck looking its best, preserving its condition and value for years to come.

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners

Edge-to-edge protection for your floorboards: That's what WeatherBeater floor liners offer your truck. They're specifically designed to keep your interior carpet free of spills and contaminants. If they do get dirty, just remove them, rinse them off, and reinstall once dry.

Husky Liners Wheel Well Guards

Depending on conditions where you live, your rear wheel wells could be exposed to corrosive elements such as mud, snow, and road salt. Installing a set of wheel well guards will protect this exposed area while also giving your truck a more complete appearance.

K&N Cabin Air Filter

Sometimes called "the forgotten filter", your cabin air filter cleans air entering your cabin, absorbing harmful pollutants and allergens. If your interior is starting to smell a little musty, try upgrading to a K&N reusable cabin air filter. It can be cleaned and used over and over again as needed and includes a million mile warranty.

Husky Liners GearBox Storage Box

Organization is a key element of truck cleanliness. The GearBox mounts under or behind your rear seat, providing a covered storage area for items that might otherwise roll around unorganized on your floorboards.

DashMat Original Dash Cover

Over time, UV rays can cause your dashboard to fade and even deform. Protect your dashboard with a DashMat dash cover to block harmful UV rays and keep your interior looking its best. Several colors are available and the soft fiber carpet material gives your truck a luxurious feel.

More Ways to Keep it Clean

TechCare Interior Car Cleaner
TechCare Interior Car Cleaner
TechCare Tire and Wheel Cleaner
TechCare Tire and Wheel Cleaner
Extang Tonno Tonic
Extang Tonno Tonic

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