Gator SR1 vs SRX vs SR2

Soft roll-up tonneau covers offer a lot of bang for the buck. They provide excellent water resistance, full bed access when open, and easy operation for anyone. Three of our most popular soft roll-up truck bed covers are the Gator SR1, Gator SRX, and Gator SR2. Despite their similar names, there are some notable differences between these covers. In this article, we explain the differences between these three tonneau covers so you can choose the best one for your truck.

SR1: Dual Latches

Release the latch on both sides of your bed to open the tonneau cover.

SRX: Single Trigger Latch

Release the driver side trigger latch to open the cover.

SR2: Single Trigger Latch

A single trigger latch is used to open the tonneau cover.

SR1: Standard Profile

The SR1 has a standard profile of 1.5 inches.

SRX: Low Profile

The cover sits 3/4 of an inch above the bed.

SR2: Standard Profile

The tonneau cover sits 1.5 inches above the bed rails.

SR1: Spring Tension

The tension springs are attached to the latches.

SRX: Tension Block

Move the tension block forward or backward to release or increase tension.

SR2: Thumbscrew Adjustment

A thumbscrew adjuster gives you full control over the cover's tension level.

SR1: Top-Mounted Clamps

The clamps are very easy to install, but they intrude into the bed about 3/4 of an inch.

SRX: Standard Clamps

The clamps that hold the rails in place are small and low profile.

SR2: Gatorbite Clamps

The SR2's Gatorbite clamps are easy to install and provide superior clamping force.

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