Best Headlight Bulbs for Night Driving

Originally published on Jun 13, 2019 | Updated on Aug 29, 2023

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Do you spend a lot of time driving at night? Whether your job keeps you on the road, you work the night shift, or you like to go out late on the weekends, driving at night carries hazards not seen during the day, chief among them reduced vision and visibility. For some drivers, stock headlights might not be up to the task of long-term night driving. An easy way to improve your safety while driving in the dark is by upgrading to one of these headlight bulbs, which produce significantly more light than most OEM bulbs.

1. Luma M6 Series LED Headlight Bulbs

Most OEM bulbs use a halogen design that, while affordable, is subject to disadvantages like inefficient energy and sub-optimal brightness. LED bulbs like the Luma M6 Series are a significant upgrade from halogen thanks to their increased energy efficiency, 3000+ lumen output, and a lifespan in excess of 30,000 hours. These bulbs not only provide a better view of what's coming but also last thousands of hours longer than their halogen equivalents.

2. Anzo Super White Halogen Bulbs

For a more affordable upgrade, these bulbs from Anzo make an excellent choice. They use xenon gas in the bulb to produce a bright white light that standard halogen bulbs can't quite produce. Get up to 50% more illumination with a small investment and make your truck easier to see for oncoming drivers at night.

3. Vision X D Series Headlight Bulbs

While many so-called "superwhite" bulbs aren't street legal, the DOT-approved Vision X D Series bulb can be used on the road. The bulb's color is designed to be more reflective on highway features such as road signs and lane markers, improving depth perception and reducing eye fatigue while driving at night.

If you have questions about headlight bulbs or any other lighting accessories, chat or call our product experts.

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