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  • Tow & Recovery Straps: The best way to tow a stuck vehicle or disabled car or truck
  • Hi-Test, Abrasion Resistant Nylon Webbing: Exceeds the needs of demanding applications
  • Hook Ends or Loop Ends: The hook ends are zinc plated, forged hooks are specially designed for towing and attach easily to vehicle frame
  • Many Lenghts & Widths: Keeper Vehicle Recovery Straps & Emergency Tow Straps are available in a large variety of widths, lengths and rating capacity.
  • 7,000lbs to 60,000lbs: The rated capacity for these straps have a wide range.
  • Keeper Hi-Test Webbing: The heart of a tie-down and tow strap is its webbing. The webbing design must be specific to the job. For example, the webbing used to lash a kayak to an automobile roof rack requires a different break strength, abrasion resistance, and weave pattern than a heavy duty ATV or motorcycle tie-down. Keeper is committed to providing high quality, long lasting, value driven products. Therefore, we design products with webbing that exceeds the demands of each specific application. Keeper introduced Hi-Test™ webbing to the tie-down market many years ago, using three layers of high tenacity yarn. The face, back and edge layers protect the webbing from abrasion and weather. The center, or warp yarns, provide the strength. All Keeper webbing meets appropriate abrasion capacity requirements so you and your customers are assured of longer lasting products.


California Residents: Prop 65 Warning



02805 20' x 1-3/4" w/ Hook Ends 2,000 lbs - ATV or Snowmobile
02807 13' x 1-7/8" w/ Hook Ends 7,000 lbs
02815-25 15' x 1-3/4" w/ Hook Ends 10,000 lbs
02825 25' x 1-3/4" w/ Hook Ends 10,000 lbs
02825-SC 25' x 1-3/4" w/ Hook Ends 10,000 lbs Includes Storage Case
02922-25 20' x 2" w/ Loop Ends 15,000 lbs
89923 30' x 2" w/ Loop Ends 10,000 lbs
02932-25 20' x 3" w/ Loop Ends 22,500 lbs
02932-SC 20' x 3" w/ Loop Ends 22,500 lbs Includes Storage Case
02933 30' x 3" w/ Loop Ends 30,000 lbs
02943 30' x 4" w/ Loop Ends 40,000 lbs
02952 6' x 2" w/ Loop Ends 20,000 lbs - Winch Strap
02953 6' x 3" w/ Loop Ends 30,000 lbs - Winch Strap
02963 30' x 6" w/ Loop Ends 60,000 lbs


Keeper warrants the products delivered here with against any defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 30 days following purchase. If found to be defective in workmanship and materials within 30 days of purchase, such product(s) will be repaired or replaced at Keeper's discretion.