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BD Diesel Cool-It Intercoolers

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  • Larger Core: The BD Diesel Cool-It Intercoolers feature a core that is 33% thicker and offers 57% more cooling surface area. Cooling effectiveness is increased from 70% to 90% when compared to stock.
  • Larger Inlets: The BD Diesel Intercoolers feature 36% larger inlet and discharge tubes. These larger tubes allow for greater airflow with less heat and restriction. The BD Intercooler can easily handle up to 100 psi. of boost and over 1500 cfm.
  • Cooler Air: Larger inlets and overall cooling surface area reduce restrictions and improve cooling efficiency. This allows for much cooler air and increased performance. BD's Intercooler can produce temps that are up to 200 degrees lower than the stock intercooler.
  • Excellent Fit: The BD Cool-It Intercooler offers a direct fit, bolt in design that provides an excellent fit. The BD Diesel intercooler also offers a clean, attractive appearance as well as the best performance on the market.
  • Optional Dodge Replacement Pipe: The factory plastic intercooler intake pipe is prone to cracking or shattering when exposed to heat or high boost pressures. Upgrade to BD's heavy duty intercooler intake pipe available in powder coat polished finish.

Compressed air is heated air. When you combine an aggressive fuel curve with elevated boost levels, high inlet temperatures can result. That's why BD Diesel developed the Cool-It Intercoolers. With 57% more cooling surface area and a 33% thicker core (2.68" vs. 2"), the BD Diesel Intercooler increases cooling effectiveness to approximately 90%, compared to only about 70% with the stock intercooler. That can mean an air temperature reduction of up to 200 degrees over the stock intercooler. The BD Diesel Cool-It Intercooler also features 36% larger inlet and discharge tubes (3.125" vs. 2.625") and can easily handle up to 100 psi. of boost and over 1500 cfm, while holding pressure drop less than 1 psi. A direct, bolt on replacement for the stock unit, the BD intercooler is the best looking, best performing intercooler on the market. Hoses and spring loaded T-bar clamps are included.

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This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please call us toll free.





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