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2007 Chevy Avalanche Shocks and Struts

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Bilstein B6 4600 Shocks & Struts
Bilstein B6 4600 Shocks & Struts
From:  $95.00
Bilstein B8 5160 Reservoir Shocks
Bilstein B8 5160 Reservoir Shocks
From:  $270.00
Bilstein B8 5100 Off-Road Shocks & Struts
Bilstein B8 5100 Off-Road Shocks & Struts
From:  $110.00
Bilstein B8 5100 Adjustable Lift Struts
Bilstein B8 5100 Adjustable Lift Struts
From:  $157.00
Bilstein 47 310896
Bilstein B8 6112 Coilovers
From:  $770.00

Suspect your ride is suffering from worn dampers? Then invest in a set of shocks and struts from RealTruck to significantly improve handling. RealTruck carries the largest assortment of shocks and struts, ranging from factory-style replacements to upgraded aftermarket units designed for lifted applications. 

If you’re struggling to narrow down your search, check out our shock buyer’s guide for lifted trucks on RealSource

For additional assistance, contact our knowledgeable sales team.

Why Should I Replace My Shocks/Struts? 

Shocks and struts are a critical component of your vehicle’s suspension. When your suspension compresses or expands during normal driving conditions, shocks and struts help to dampen this movement for a smooth and comfortable ride. Once worn excessively, shocks no longer function correctly, resulting in poor ride quality. 

It’s also essential to match your struts with your vehicle’s lift; IE: a 4-inch lift will typically require 4-inch longer shocks.  

To restore like-new ride quality, consider replacing your shocks and struts. We offer drop-in replacements for all ride heights, including strut/coil combos for ease of installation.

How Do I Know When My Shocks/Struts Need Replacing? 

Poor Ride Quality

When a shock/strut fails, your vehicle’s ride will be noticeably impaired. Symptoms such as excessive bouncing, instability at speeds, and squatting during acceleration and braking are all signs of worn dampers.

Leaking Fluid

Notice an oily coating on the shock body? This is a direct symptom of a failed shock/strut resulting from torn or damaged seals allowing shock oil to leak around the piston. 

Irregular Chassis Noises

Experiencing irregular noises from your vehicle’s wheel wells, especially when traversing bumps? Worn shocks tend to exhibit banging, clanking, or rattling noises with failed components.