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Bulldog Portable Air Compressor
Bulldog Portable Air Compressor
From:  $56.99
Viair 40043
VIAIR Portable Air Compressors
From:  $71.50
My Medic Every Day Carry Pro First Aid Kit
From:  $79.95
Bulldog On Board Air Compressor
From:  $94.99
My Medic Prevention First Aid Kit
My Medic Prevention First Aid Kit
From:  $99.95
My Medic Auto Medic First Aid Kit
From:  $99.95
My Medic Construction Medic Mini First Aid Kit
From:  $100.00
My Medic MyFAK First Aid Kit
From:  $119.95
My Medic Moto Medic First Aid Kit
From:  $149.95
My Medic TFAK First Aid Kit
From:  $149.95
Rugged Ridge Traction Recovery Kit 15104.46 01
10% OFF
Rugged Ridge Traction Recovery Kit
From:  $161.99$179.99
VIAIR 20175
VIAIR On-Board Air Compressors
From:  $172.87
Bulldog Compressor Kit 41007 01
Bulldog On-Board Air Compressor Kit
From:  $179.99
My Medic Boat Medic First Aid Kit
From:  $199.95
My Medic Moto Medic Pro First Aid Kit
From:  $224.95
My Medic Construction Medic First Aid Kit
From:  $230.00
My Medic MyFAK Pro First Aid Kit
From:  $239.95
My Medic MyFAK Large First Aid Kit
From:  $249.95
My Medic Recon First Aid Kit
From:  $249.95
My Medic 10 Essentials Kit
From:  $249.95
My Medic MyFAK Large Pro First Aid Kit
From:  $374.95
My Medic Recon Pro First Aid Kit
From:  $374.95
My Medic Construction Medic Pro First Aid Kit
From:  $375.00
VIAIR 50005
VIAIR Adventure Series Overlanding On-Board Air Compressors
From:  $519.95
My Medic Medic Standard First Aid Kit
From:  $749.95
My Medic Medic Pro First Aid Kit
From:  $1,249.95

Fishing Truck Accessories

One of the most popular fishing accessories for trucks is the portable air compressor. Available in a variety of sizes and power levels, these handy gadgets are an excellent on-board addition to yourfishing trip, perfect for filling tires and air bags, inflating floats and other recreational toys that require air. They’re also a great choice for use with power lockers, air horns or small air tools. Having the right tool for the job, as well as the right power source for it, pneumatic or not, can make intermittent problems (like having to change a tire) a lot quicker and easier.

Fishing Rack for Truck

Fishing racks again? Didn’t we already cover this? The answer is yes, but to be fair, deciding on what sort of fishing rack you need is among the most important fishing-related decisions you’ll make. Other decisions, including what sort of accessories you’ll want to add, will necessarily branch out from this first, arguably most-important decision on the perfect fishing rack for your truck. There’s something a little Zen about outfitting your truck in just the right way. There are so many possibilities. We suggest choosing your priority and working your way out from there.

More Fishing Truck Accessories

We almost forgot to mention two of the most important fishing truck accessoriesyou’ll also want to consider when outfitting your truck for the ultimate fishing trip, two that you might not have considered before. The first is a traction recovery kit, which comes with a set of two recovery tracks and a mini-shovel. This powerful combination of simple, lightweight tools can recover vehicles up to 20K pounds, and if you get stuck in the mud, you’ll be glad you packed these. The second essential accessory for your truck’s next fishing trip is a first-aid kit. We have many.