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1994 Ford E-Series Truck Tents

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Raptor Voyager Roof Top Tent
From:  $1,594.99

Turn your pickup truck into the perfect home away from home with our selection of truck tents. We're proud to carry quality truck tents to help you get prepared for your next camping trip. They're also great to have on hand in case you find yourself stranded and in need of safe and reliable shelter. With models to fit all popular pickup truck makes and bed sizes, as well as many SUVs we've made it easy to find the ideal tent for your truck or SUV.


The main advantage that truck tents offer over traditional tents is that they allow you to incorporate the bed of your truck or trunk of your SUV into your shelter. Depending on the model you choose, this may either provide easy access to your vehicle’s cargo area, so you don’t have to leave your tent to get to your things, or it may save space by allowing you to set up camp right in your pickup’s cargo box. Some tents also feature adjustable awnings for additional coverage beyond the edge of your truck bed.


Many of the truck tents we carry feature windows and easy-to-open doors that shut securely. They also feature spacious interiors to give you room to move and sleep comfortably. They’re also made to be strong and long-lasting with polyester and either fiberglass or steel poles.


Most truck tents can be set up by one person, and they’re also easy to fold up and put away when not in use. With minimal time and effort, you'll be ready to enjoy your truck tent anywhere your adventures take you.