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Truck Accessories for Dad Starting Under $50

Finding a good Father's Day gift can be an ordeal, but we're here to make things easier for you. If your dad drives a pickup truck, one or more of the affordable accessories in this gift guide will make a great gift for Father's Day. These accessories clock in at $100.00 or less for most applications, so you won't have to empty your bank account to find a good Father's Day gift.

If you're looking for higher-end products such as tonneau covers, check out some of our best-selling Father's Day gifts that are sure to put a smile on your dad's face.

Carr Hoop Step II

If you need a step between your cab and the ground but you don't have the budget for a full set of running boards or nerf bars, a set of Carr Hoop Step II truck steps makes an excellent alternative. While you could spend over $100.00 on a set of four steps, a pair won't set you back that far, making these a viable choice for work trucks or vehicles that don't often get multiple passengers. Choose from silver, polished aluminum, and black finishes to get the perfect step for your truck. Installation can be done at home with basic hand tools and a drill. If you also need a bed step, Carr still has you covered with its folding hitch step.

Carr Folding Hitch Step

Now that you've put steps on your truck cab, it's time to turn your attention to the tailgate. Accessing items in your bed often means reaching, stretching, and climbing into the cargo area. If your truck has a rear receiver hitch, the Carr Folding Hitch Step will make getting in and out of your truck bed a relatively painless affair. The hitch step will fit any 2-inch hitch receiver and with multiple designs available this step isn't just practical, it lets you add a little personality to your truck as well.

AVS Bugflector II Bug Shield

One of the most popular truck accessories that has stood the test of time is the bug shield, and the AVS Bugflector II Bug Shield is perhaps the most popular shield available. The bug shield easily attaches to your truck's hood via clips or automotive-grade 3M tape, making installation simple and free of guesswork. Once installed, the bug shield causes most bugs and other small, lightweight objects to fly over your hood and grille area rather than hitting it. This helps keep your truck clean and protects the paint from damage. Matte-black and chrome versions are also available in the low-profile Aeroskin design.

Dashmat Dash Covers

Whether you're freshening up an older vehicle or protecting your new truck's dashboard from UV rays, a Dashmat Dash Cover is an affordable truck upgrade that also adds custom styling to your truck's interior. Dash covers can stop a process called plasticizer migration, which causes some dashboards to become sticky and even gummy. Available in multiple materials and colors, you'll have no problem finding a dashmat that suits your needs.

Gator Rubber Truck Bed Mat

Speaking of protecting your truck's paint from damage, the scuffs and scratches that come from cargo shifting in the bed of your truck can add up over time, devaluing your truck and exposing the bare metal to corrosive elements. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to protect your truck bed is with the Gator Rubber Truck Bed Mat. Made of heavy-duty, 5/16” rubber, this mat can absorb dents, dings, and scratches that would otherwise damage your truck bed. The truck bed mat is held in place by rubber cleats, which also facilitate draining water away. Pair it with the Gator Rubber Tailgate Mat for even greater protection.

Dee Zee All Weather Floor Mats

Nothing takes a toll on your truck's interior like mud, snow, sand, and other elements. Protect your floor boards with a set of Dee Zee All Weather Floor Mats. A front set of these universal mats comes in under $50.00 and if you also need mats for the rear of your vehicle, they're available for less than the front. Made of durable rubber, these mats can withstand years of abuse no matter what kind of seasons you deal with in your area.

AVS In-Channel Vent Visor

The advantage of a wind deflector is that it allows you to roll your windows down slightly even during stormy weather, letting you enjoy the fresh air without soaking you or your vehicle's interior. AVS is one of the biggest names in wind deflectors and its In-Channel Vent Visors are durable, resistant to UV rays, and easy to install. These visors are also available with tape-on installation. Looking for something with a little more flair? Get a lot more WOW for a little more cash with the chrome plated visors.

Aries Seat Defenders

Available for the front and rear of your truck's cab, Aries Seat Defenders are designed to be removed and installed quickly, giving you there-when-you-need-it, gone-when-you-don't protection. These seat covers are perfect for work trucks or trucks that see a lot of trail use. Keep your sweat, dirt, and other elements off your upholstery and take the covers back off when not needed. Multiple colors are available including camo.

Pop & Lock Gate Defender

Tailgate theft has been on the rise for years and with GMC and RAM both offering optional tailgates with a slew of useful features, the trend isn't likely to slow down. The Pop & Lock Gate Defender adds a layer of defense against would-be thieves. It fits around your tailgate hinge, securing the gate in place and preventing it from being easily removed. This is an inexpensive investment that can save you thousands of dollars down the line.

Access Truck Bed Accessory Smart Pack

This pack of truck accessories from Access works great as either a standalone upgrade or as a finishing touch to a full truck build. The pack includes a tailgate seal, cargo retrieval tool, and a 12-inch LED bed light. These items synergize well with a tonneau cover, where the seal provides a final layer of protection against dust and the light illuminates the bed when you need to see items in the dark. The light wires to your truck with just power and ground wires.

Gift cards are also available in multiple denominations.