The New Extang Trifecta ALX Bed Cover

Extang has produced some of the best folding tonneau covers for decades and has added another revolutionary product to its lineup: The Trifecta ALX. While superficially similar to the Trifecta 2.0, there are a handful of key differences that set this cover apart from every other soft tri-fold available today. Is the Trifecta ALX the right cover for you? Read on to find out.

One-Handed Opening

While most soft folding tonneaus require you to detach a pair of hand-operated clamps to open the cover, the Trifecta ALX features a unique rotary latch system. This allows you to open the cover with one hand, which is great if you have one hand occupied carrying groceries, tools, or any other cargo.

The latch is located on the driver's side.

It's easy to open the cover one-handed once the tailgate has been unlocked and opened.

Auto-Latch Closing

Just as the ALX is easier to open than other soft-folding covers, it’s also easy to close. When you shut the cover, it automatically latches. This is a big boost in convenience compared to reattaching hand-operated clamps.

The latch bolts on with basic hand tools.

The latch automatically engages when you close the ALX's tailgate panel.

Ancona Pebble-Grained Fabric

The fabric material is durable and easier to clean than comparable vinyl material found on other tonneau covers.

The fabric top protects your gear from rain and other elements.

Pebble grain gives the Ancona fabric a subtly stylish appearance.

The Trifecta ALX is available for the most popular trucks on the road.