The All-New BAK Revolver X4s

BAK is adding another hard-rolling tonneau cover to the popular Revolver line: The Revolver X4s. The Revolver series of truck bed covers is known for combining security, water resistance, and sleek looks into one package. With the X4s, you can expect the same performance as previous Revolver covers with a few additional features.

Matte Black Clamps and Slats

Most of the X4S is colored matte black, a shade that matches OEM bed accessories such as tailgate caps and bedrail caps. If you want as few polished or chrome components on your truck as possible, the X4s is definitely worth your attention.

The underside of the cover is powder coated in matte black.

Even the clamps are powder coated.

New Slat Caps

Both ends of the aluminum slats are protected by redesigned caps. These caps make it easy for you to operate the cover with one hand.

The new slat caps make opening and closing the cover a snap.

Like most of the X4S tonneau cover, the slats are matte black in color.

Refined Components

To enhance the Revolver’s already sleek, low-profile appearance, the X4s employs flattened side seals and redesigned rear corner caps.

The flat seals contribute to the cover's low profile.

Redesigned rear corner caps are used on the rotational locking rail.

New Straps and Buckles

When you roll the cover up for bed access, a set of newly designed buckle straps hold the X4s in place, keeping the cover still while you drive with the cover open.

The buckles lie flat when not in use.

Fasten the straps to haul large items safely.

Along with these new features, the X4s has the same rotational locking rail as previous Revolver covers, which locks the cover in place across the full length of the bed without using hook-and-loop fasteners.

The Revolver X4s will be available soon for the most popular trucks on the road. If you have questions about the this or any other truck bed cover, chat or call our product experts.