RealTruck, Real Leader: Zach Garafola

Exemplary employees make the difference between a good company and a great one. At, they make us who we are. They take our company values to heart because company values mirror their personal beliefs. As employees, they illuminate those around them, have an aptitude for leadership, welcome challenges, and enjoy giving back through employee initiatives, community leadership, and enthusiasm for personal and civic development.

RealTruck, Real Leader: Zach Garafola, Workforce Management Supervisor

RealTruck gives us a unique opportunity to work among a diverse group of individuals that possess a wealth of talent and drive, both here at work and within our communities. This quarter’s RealTruck, Real Leader exemplifies these qualities and strives for continuous improvement in his professional and personal life. He was nominated for his willingness to go above and beyond and for the contributions he’s made to the success of his department. This quarter we congratulate Zach Garafola, our RealTruck Workforce Management Supervisor.

Zach is the 2019 Q4 recipient of the RealTruck, Real Leaders award.

Zach Garafola, Workforce Management Supervisor
Zach Garafola, Workforce Management Supervisor

Real Leadership

Responsible for forecasting, staffing, and real-time management of the contact center, Zach ensures that we’re well staffed and that employees are trained and able to skillfully help all of our customers from both the sales and service sides. When he first started the role, it hadn’t yet existed, so he was tasked with shaping it and creating goals that would help him aim for success. His goals for the role include establishing better reporting and forecasting to better understand the business, as well as working on employee retention and staffing so that RealTruck is an effective company as well as a great place to work. He’s currently working on a new workforce management tool that will allow for more accurate scheduling and forecasting so that staff and supervisors can get real-time updates on how they’re doing. 

Zach has a strong work ethic that he attributes to his parents. “If I see something that needs to be done, I go about completing the task regardless of whether it was ‘my job’ or not,” he says, referencing the “W.I.T., or whatever it takes, saying that stuck with him since day one of being at RealTruck. 

Outside of the office, Zach volunteers to teach younger children. He says it’s the greatest feeling to see someone finally grasp an idea once he’s helped them, especially when they have that “light bulb” moment. It’s similar to what he sees on the sales and service floor, too, and helping others obtain a greater understanding of things and reach new heights is what truly drives him to push forward.

When asked what advice he can offer to others at RealTruck, he says there are two things: be willing to learn, and be able to coach or teach two individuals that are just starting out. Zach says, “If you can work with others and train them to have the knowledge and understanding that you have to offer, not only does this make you a better, more well-rounded employee that is viewed more favorably, but if a new position opens up, you will have already shown you can mentor others and help them. Success is driven by the amount of effort you put into it.”