Most Popular Wheel & Tire Package Under $1500

Shopping for wheels and tires can add up fast. First there's getting the wheel in the size you want. Then the tire. Multiply those by four. Then, if you need a lift kit to accommodate a larger set, add that in, too. Trust us, we know what it's like. That's why we've scoured our resources to find the best looking wheel, the most durable tire, and the perfect lift kit to get your truck looking exactly how you want it while saving you a little bit of green.

Wheels Starting at $110.00 per Wheel

Check out the XD Series XD122 Enduro wheels. These aggressive matte black wheels are made of heavy-duty cast aluminum and feature a five-spoke design. They're available in multiple diameters, bolt patterns, and backspacing measurements, too, so chances are we've got it in the size you want. At just over $200 per wheel for the most popular size, 18x9, a complete set will come in just below $850.

Tires Starting at $106.49 per Tire

Atturo's Trail Blade A/T tires give you the traction you need for control in any road condition, including off-road terrain, at an affordable price. They're strong, too, with large shoulder blocks and a built-in Rim Protector that saves you the worry of hurting your tires should you drive over a curb.

Keep in mind that pairing XD wheels with Atturo tires means you'll need to get them mounted and balanced yourself. Don't want the hassle? Pair your XD122 Enduros with Nitto or Falken tires, and they'll come straight to your door mounted and balanced for free.

Bigger Tires Or Wheels? Add A Lift Price varies depending on brand, lift size, etc.

If you plan on keeping your wheel and tire sizes the same as your stock set, you don't need to worry about this part. However, if you're going for something larger than what you already have and want a 20x10 or larger wheel to get that deeper offset, you may need to add a lift kit, but it will almost certainly take you out of the $1500 range. Take a look at kits from SuperliftZone, and ToyTec if you want to fit a larger wheel size, or if you just want larger tires but plan to leave the wheels the same size, check out this adjustable lift kit from Eibach.

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If you have any questions about your tire, wheel, or lift kit purchase, chat or call our product experts before you order. We'll walk you through everything and we'll even guarantee fitment to your exact make, model, and specs.