Fender Flare Designs and Styles

A popular accessory among truck owners looking to set their vehicle apart from the OEM pack, fender flares can dramatically alter a truck's appearance. If you're thinking of adding a set to your truck, you've probably noticed a wide variety of styles are available. To help you choose the best fender flares for your truck, we examine each of these styles.

Bolt-On (Riveted)

This fender flare style gets its name from the rivets or bolts lining the outside edge of the flare. The rivets themselves are decorative and are not used to attach the flare to your vehicle. Choose this style if you like a bolt-on appearance. Popular examples include Bushwacker Cut-Out Style Fender Flares and EGR Bolt On Look Fender Flares.

Pocket Style

Essentially, the terms bolt-on and pocket style are somewhat interchangeable. This term was originally used by Bushwacker to describe its line of fender flares that have a bolt-on look but don't require drilling into the fender area. Due to the popularity of the term pocket style, it's become attached to a number of fender flares over the years, which can lead to some confusion when shopping. Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares are the most popular example of this style.

Extra Wide

The name says it all. These flares extend as much as 3 inches from the fender, making them ideal for truck owners who want the most aggressive stance possible out of their flares. They're a great choice for trucks equipped with very wide tires, particularly in states where a tire isn't legally permitted to extend beyond the body of the truck. Lund and Stampede offer some of the widest flares in this category.


OE, short for original equipment, usually denotes a slim, almost flush fender flare. They're an excellent choice for customers pursuing a subtle build rather than the more attention-grabbing look of wide flares. They're available from a multitude of brands including TrueEdge and EGR.


Most of the fender flares in this category don't curve downward but rather extend straight out from the vehicle, creating a level surface area. This design is commonly seen on the Jeep Wrangler. Husky Liners and Rugged Ridge are both prominent manufacturers in this category.


Most fender flares are painted a gloss or matte black color, but flares under the painted category match your truck's OE paint color. When choosing from this category, you'll be prompted to select your vehicle's paint code in order for the flares to painted properly. Bushwacker offers their pocket style flares with this option.

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