Best Truck Steps for Camping

Getting in and out of your truck is easier with the right set of truck side steps, but how do you choose the right steps from the hundreds of selections available? The way you use your truck should play a part in making the decision. We’ve chosen this list of running boards, nerf bars, and bed steps that are ideal for truck owners who spend their free time camping in the great outdoors.

1. Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards

It’s not hard to track dirt and mud into your truck on a camping trip. That’s why Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards are some of the best steps you can add to a camping truck. They feature a slotted step surface that makes it easy to get soil off of your footwear before you enter the vehicle. With high and tight fitment, they don’t leave a gap between the boards and your truck, which lets the boards pull double duty by keeping gravel and small rocks at bay while off-road.

2. AMP Research Power Steps

These folding truck steps automatically deploy when you open your door and fold up when not in use. This design means the step can come down considerably farther than a standard running board without compromising ground clearance, which means you can venture to remote campsites without getting snagged on uneven terrain.

4. AMP Research Bed Step

Nerf bars and running boards improve access to your truck cab, but what about the bed? The AMP Research Bed Step folds down when you step on it, allowing you to climb into the bed and back down without jumping or clambering. This is especially useful if you use a truck bed tent.

5. APS 6-Inch Black IBoards

Like their 4-inch counterpart, these APS running boards are made of lightweight and rust proof aluminum. They feature an additional 2 inches of width for a larger step area, so choose these boards if you need to accommodate larger feet or more rugged footwear.

6. Bestop Truck Bed Step

Similar to the AMP bed step, this folding truck step is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. It’s easy to install with no drilling and capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight.

7. Carr Hoop II XP3 Truck Steps

While this design is more commonly seen on older trucks, some new truck owners still prefer the individual stirrup step to a full nerf bar or running board. Carr Hoop steps are sold individually and in pairs. Get as many steps as you need and position them to your liking to improve access to your cab. They can even be used as bed steps.

8. Havoc HS3 Black Hoop Steps

With a matte black finish, wheel-to-wheel access, and aggressive styling, Havoc HS3 steps look great on any truck, but especially trucks that are used for off-road hobbies such as camping. The steps are made of stainless steel with a layer of powder coat for additional protection. Welded brackets are used to ensure that these steps can hold several hundred pounds of weight.

9. Ionic 3-Inch Black Nerf Bars

These nerf bars are made of powder-coated steel capable of supporting up to 350 pounds before bending. They leave a gap between the bars and your vehicle, so mud and soil can be knocked loose from your shoes and the steps themselves with little effort. These are among our most affordable truck steps, making them ideal for truck owners on a budget.

10. Ionic 3-Inch Stainless Steel Nerf Bars

If you like the 3” nerf bar design but prefer a more lustrous finish, these polished stainless steel nerf bars are worth your attention. They’re made of 304 marine grade stainless steel, which is one of the most corrosion resistant steel formulations. Installation can be done quickly with basic hand tools on most applications.

11. Ionic Black 5-Inch Premium Nerf Bars

These oval nerf bars are strong enough to support hundreds of pounds and their 5-inch wide step area provides plenty of step area. The textured step pads offer sure footing even if your boots are covered with slippery mud or snow.

12. Ionic Stainless Steel 5-Inch Premium Nerf Bars

This stainless steel version of the popular 5” premium nerf bar has a highly-polished finish that resembles chrome but is far more durable.

13. N-Fab Black EpYx Steps

N-Fab makes some of the best truck hoop steps available, and the EpYx truck steps are no exception. The angled design of the bar stands out in a category full of round tubes, and the slotted step pads make short work of any soil you might otherwise track into the cab upon entry.

14. N-Fab Rock Rails

Getting to your campsite frequently requires some off-road action, which can mean negotiating rocky terrain. N-Fab Rock Rails protect the underside of your truck from rocks and gravel. They can also be equipped with optional RKR bolt-on steps, letting the rails pull double duty as a truck step. When you don’t need the steps, just unbolt them to reclaim ground clearance.

15. N-Fab Black Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars

Steel construction, welded brackets, and an available bed step make these hoop steps an invaluable addition to your camping truck. They feature a weight capacity of up to 465 pounds, bolt-on installation on most applications, and American-made quality.

16. Steelcraft STX600 Running Boards

These boards fit tightly against the side of your vehicle, leaving no gap for mud and dirt to get slung onto the step area while driving off-road. Speaking of the step area, it features a series of lugs for improved traction. Rounding out this running board’s heavy duty pedigree is 14-gauge carbon steel construction with industrial grade powder coat.

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