Best Truck Accessories for Under $50.00

When shopping for truck accessories, it can seem like you need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get the parts you need. However, there are many pickup truck upgrades that can be had for $50.00 or less, and while they may not have all the features of their high-priced equivalents, they can still make a big difference in the utility and longevity of your truck. These ten truck accessories start at $50.00 or less and will grant your truck greater comfort, security, and usefulness.

Bully Aluminum Truck Steps

Truck steps for under fifty bucks? Yes, these can go up a few dollars a pair on limited applications, but if you need to get in and out of your truck easily on a budget, this is the step for you. With a step area over 6 inches wide, you'll have plenty of room to step in and out of your truck without jumping or sliding down. Aluminum construction means these steps are strong, lightweight, and impervious to rust.

Dashmat Dash Covers

Whether you're freshening up an older vehicle or protecting your new truck's dashboard from UV rays, a Dashmat Dash Cover is an affordable truck upgrade that also adds custom styling to your truck's interior. Dash covers can stop a process called plasticizer migration, which causes some dashboards to become sticky and even gummy. Available in multiple materials and colors, you'll have no problem finding a dashmat that suits your needs.

Dee Zee All Weather Floor Mats

Nothing takes a toll on your truck's interior like mud, snow, sand, and other elements. Protect your floor boards with a set of Dee Zee All Weather Floor Mats. A front set of these universal mats comes in under $50.00 and if you also need mats for the rear of your vehicle, they're available for less than the front. Made of durable rubber, these mats can withstand years of abuse no matter what kind of seasons you deal with in your area.

FanMats Steering Wheel Covers

Looking for a way to represent your favorite NFL, NHL, NBA, or NCAA team? FanMats Steering Wheel Covers let you do just that while also protecting your steering wheel from the sweat and oils of your hands. The faux-suede construction is breathable and comfortable, so even if you choose the Cleveland Browns, you won't mind spending hundreds of miles behind your newly-covered steering wheel.

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist

Some modern trucks are equipped with a device like this from the factory, but if your truck doesn't have a tailgate shock, the Dee Zee Tailgate Assist is here to help. Once installed, the tailgate assist shock prevents your truck's tailgate from slamming down when opened, instead causing it to lower gently. This prolongs the life of your tailgate, preventing sag and doing away with the jarring sensation of a tailgate dropping open suddenly.

Aries Seat Defenders

Available for the front and rear of your truck's cab, Aries Seat Defenders are designed to be removed and installed quickly, giving you there-when-you-need-it, gone-when-you-don't protection. These seat covers are perfect for work trucks or trucks that see a lot of trail use. Keep your sweat, dirt, and other elements off your upholstery and take the covers back off when not needed. Multiple colors are available including camo.

Bushwacker Smoothback Tailgate Cap

Without a tailgate cap, your truck's tailgate can be exposed to damage from loading and unloading cargo. The Bushwacker Smoothback Tailgate Cap protects your tailgate with a thermoplastic cover that prevents dents, dings, and scratches. Installation can be done at home with no drilling or cutting required. The matte-black finish matches most OEM bed caps and provides a sleek, stealthy appearance.

Pop & Lock Gate Defender

Tailgate theft has been on the rise for years and with GMC and RAM both offering optional tailgates with a slew of useful features, the trend isn't likely to slow down. The Pop & Lock Gate Defender adds a layer of defense against would-be thieves. It fits around your tailgate hinge, securing the gate in place and preventing it from being easily removed. This is an inexpensive investment that can save you thousands of dollars down the line.