Best-Selling Truck Headlights for 2022

Switching to aftermarket headlights is one of the most common truck upgrades out there. But when you get to shopping for headlights, the seemingly endless possibilities can be daunting. To take the pressure off, we’ll lay out the best-selling truck headlights and tell you a bit about them so you can be confident in your choice. Let’s get started.

SPEC-D Smoked Black Halo Projector Lights

The halo light gets its name from the round light that surrounds the stronger, high-beam light, which gives it an interesting look. In addition to the halo, this particular light has a black housing with a smoked, or tinted, lens. The high beams are projectors, too, which helps to intensify the light.
Warning: This headlight is not street legal due to its smoked lens.

SPEC-D Black Halo Projector Headlights

A street-legal version of the top seller, this headlight has a black housing with a clear lens. It’s also got the round, halo light for awesome effect.

SPEC-D Chrome Crystal Headlights

These headlights have a crystal lens for a bright look and smooth feel. The chrome housing helps the reflectors do their job since they refract light. Finally, this light uses the Euro beam pattern that, due to the beam width, can help light the side of the road to easily spot hazards.

SPEC-D Black Crystal Headlights

Similar to the previous light but with a black housing and clear lens. Perfect for the truck enthusiast that wants to black out their truck but still have street-legal headlights.

Xtune Black Crystal Headlights

These headlights from Xtune feature a black housing with a clear lens for a stealthy, but street-legal, look with Euro-style lights. They’re weather sealed, too.

SPEC-D Chrome Halo Projector Headlights

A sister to the #1 and 3 spots, this headlight has a chrome housing with a clear lens that gives the light an overall white or silver look. It’s the perfect accent to light-colored vehicles.

Xtune Chrome Crystal

Similar to the #8 spot but with a chrome housing for a silvery appearance. Euro-style lights provide a wider beam that helps see roadside hazards well in advance.