Best Budget Truck Build

Building a truck on a budget can be a challenge, but with a little guidance from this guide, you'll be able to make meaningful and significant upgrades to your pickup without spending tens of thousands of dollars. These upgrades include a tonneau cover, nerf bars, leveling kit, wheels, tires, and all the basics you need to go from OEM to OMG.

Havoc HS2 Black Hoop Step

This hoop-style nerf bar combines high weight capacity, an aggressive off-road style look, and no-drill installation on most vehicles. The step itself is approximately 5 inches wide and can easily support 350 pounds or more without bending. Steel construction with black powder coating ensures the steps are sturdy and resistant to rust, so they'll work hard and look great for years.

Gator SFX Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

This popular truck bed cover installs in just minutes with no tools required and comes off just as quickly if you need full bed access for larger items. Hand-tightened clamps are used to secure the cover in place. The cover sits wide across your bed and provides ample protection from damaging elements such as rain, snow, and dust. With the cover in place, your cargo will be kept dry and out of sight.

BedRug Mat

Unless you want your truck bed to become festooned with scratches and dents, a bed mat or bed liner is a vital accessory. The BedRug Mat is made of tough polypropylene and padded for comfort when you need to crawl into your bed. The material is resistant to chemicals including battery acid, making it durable enough for work trucks as well as daily drivers.

Black Rhino Machined Black Sierra Wheels

Made of cast aluminum and sporting an eye-catching, gloss-black finish with machined highlights, Black Rhino Machined Black Sierra Wheels are sure to look great on your truck regardless of its color. They're available in multiple bolt patterns and offsets to fit lifted and stock trucks alike. If you want to see an immediate, dramatic change to the look of your truck, start with new wheels from Black Rhino.

Toyo Open Country M/T Tires

An aggressive tread pattern with deep sipes and scalloped shoulder blocks doesn't just make the Toyo Open Country M/T look great, it also makes this tire well-suited to off-road use and daily driving. Snow, mud, dirt, and other difficult terrain are no trouble for the Open Country M/T. Three-ply polyester construction endures impacts that would flatten lesser tires.

Zone Off-Road Suspension Leveling Kit

Speaking of wheels and tires, a leveling kit not only levels the front of your truck with its rear, it also lets you run larger tires. Zone Off-Road offers suspension leveling kits with 1 to 3 inches of lift for all the most popular trucks on the road. The kits are application-specific, so depending on your truck you'll get strut spacers, shock tower extensions, or torsion keys. The kit has little to no impact on your truck's ride quality and can be installed in one to four hours.

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